A very important aspect of Karate is the impact of Zen. While containing elements of philosophy and religion, in Zen it is the direct experience of what is real, rather than an introspective discourse on what we believe or think to be real that is essential.

At our dojo, "place of enlightenment," spiritual practices such as meditation and Chi Gong help to calm and focus the mind, while a vigorous warm-up, inspired by Bruce Lee, prepares the body for training and practice; during which, members partake in a controlled and direct experience of the real elements of hand-to-hand combat – experiencing the warrior within.


In the movie Fight Club (Brad Pitt and Edward Norton), men are ostensibly freed from their inhibitions by forming a secret society dedicated to raw, primal combat.

Participating in individual combat, under more controlled conditions and grounded in the principles of zen, can help us transcend our fears and tap into one of our greatest sources of individual power and enlightenment – our fighting spirit.

In life, we are attacked by various aggressive forces (often psychological and emotional) everyday. Tapping into our fighting spirit, with discipline and self-control, will help us transcend the negative forces that often confront us.


Sensei James Taylor is our 5th Degree Black Belt, Chief Instructor, with a background in martial arts that also includes boxing, tai chi, and street experience, spanning over 20 years. He has a very open and encouraging teaching style, well suited to individual development and group cohesion.

ZEN FIGHT CLUB is a close-knit crew of martial artists with tremendous spirit, competitiveness, and appreciation for the art. We welcome newcomers from all backgrounds, levels of experience and walks of life. We look forward to welcoming you as we work and train to become better martial artists and individuals.